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Reading Materials

This page has a range of downloadable publications that are essential reading for Advocates, Advocacy Scheme Managers and those Commissioning Advocacy.

These publications can be searched for as an A-Z list, or by category.

A-Z of Advocacy Publications

Do you want to keep up to date with the latest advocacy publications including research and policy information_ Look no further!


Advocacy for Black and Ethnic Minority Communities

Here are some publications related to Advocacy for Black and Ethnic Minority Communities, which should be a useful insight to all advocates, Trustees, Commissioners and Advocacy Managers. more

Advocacy for Older People

Here are some useful downloadable documents about Older People's Advocacy more

Advocacy for People with Dementia

This report should be a useful document for anyone interested in advocating with people with dementia. more

Advocacy for People With Autism

The National Autistic Society's publication "Autism: the demand for advocacy" is useful reading for anyone commissioning, managing or providing advocacy to people with Autism. more

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