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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links below for answers to some common questions about advocacy that are not answered elsewhere on the site.

Don't forget you can visit our interactive discussion forum for advocacy practice based dilemmas and discussions.

Who is Advocacy For_ Why Do People Need Advocacy_

Advocacy services have often, although by no means always, been set up to provide services and support to specific groups of people.

This includes older and younger people, people with physical an ... more

What are Independent Advocacy Services_

Independent Advocacy Services are organisations, usually charities, that provide services and support and take action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests ... more

Are there diffent types of advocacy_

The advocacy sector is diverse and a variety of approaches to delivering advocacy exist but they all have a guiding set of common principles. more

Does everyone have a legal right to advocacy_

Recently we have seen increased recognition from Government of the role of advocacy in safeguarding people's rights and promoting increased choice and control over their lives. However despite this ... more

How can I find an advocate_

If you are looking for an advocate visit the Find an Advocate area of our website, which includes a comprehensive map of advocacy services in England and Wales.


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